Triovest Presents its 2017 Sustainability Report

Triovest is pleased to present its 2017 Sustainability Report.

Triovest views the pursuit of sustainability as essential for long-term industry leadership and a key market differentiator. It is a key factor in creating short and long-term value for all of our stakeholders.

“At Triovest, sustainability isn’t just championed by a single department, it’s acted upon by every employee at every level right across the company,” says Vince Brown, CEO. “Our success starts with having the right people, in the right place, doing the right things, all with a shared purpose.”

Sustainability at Triovest goes beyond just environmental sustainability. To be an organization that will last for generations, we aim to create sustainable financial and non-financial value for all stakeholders. We do this by integrating sustainability deeply within our overall business strategy, and pursing market-leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

2017 performance highlights include:

  • Increased the percent of green building certifications across the managed portfolio to 73% by gross asset value
  • Achieved a 25% reduction in like-for-like total GHG emission across our managed assets since 2014
  • Decreased the number of recordable health and safety incidents by 33%
  • Revised and updated all sustainability policies and management plans
  • Won recognition with a full five Green Stars for strong performance in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment, ranking in the top 10% globally and 2nd in our peer group, and 5th globally out of 338 respondents with development projects

“The pace of change in our industry, and globally, continues to accelerate,” says Philippe Bernier, VP, Innovation & Sustainability. “By learning quickly, we can create change instead of responding to it.”

A summarized version of the report is also available here:

2017 Sustainability Snapshot
Aperçu: Durabilité 2017 (français)