Triovest Achieves its Strongest Performance at the HOOPP LEAP Awards

Triovest has won eight awards at the seventh-annual Leadership in Environmental Advancement Program (“LEAP”) Awards from Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (“HOOPP”). With 53% of awards won, this is Triovest’s strongest performance to date.

Triovest received eight awards for excellence:

1. Green Lease of the Year – 2 & 8 Prologis Blvd – This award was received for the exemplary green clauses included in the lease with Roins Financial Services that are aligned with HOOPP’s green lease standards.

2. Sustainability Innovator (Technology)5799 Route de l’Aéroport – This award was won because of the use of leading passive solar wall technology installed at the property resulting in significant sustainability and financial impacts.

3. Climate Leader – Triovest Climate Change Management Strategy – This award was received due to  actions on climate mitigation and adaptation and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This included the use of solar-powered battery landscaping equipment and climate risk identification.

4. Low Energy Leader – Medium Building (Office) – 1 Prologis Blvd – This award recognizes the office property (less than or equal to 250,000 sq. ft.) with the lowest energy-use intensity (ekWh/sq. ft., normalized). 1 Prologis came out as the winner because of the operation team’s efforts to minimize energy use and the building’s energy efficiency features and technology.

5. Low Energy Leader – Large Building (Office) – ATCO Centre – Recognizes the office property (larger than 250,000 sq. ft.) with the lowest energy-use intensity. This was achieved due to ACTO Centre’s ongoing retrofits and recommissioning and capital investments in efficient systems and equipment.

6. Energy Manager (Industrial) – 20375 Clark Graham – Recognizes the industrial property with the best overall energy performance. This property won the award because of its engagement with tenants to reduce energy use.

7. Water Winner (Office) – ATCO Centre – Recognizes the office property with strong water performance based on intensity, diversion and completion of the Water Management Form.

8. Waste Minimizer (Office) – ATCO Centre –ATCO Centre achieved this because of its actions to achieve a strong waste diversion rate at the property, including keeping tenants informed, waste receptacle placement and selecting waste haulers based on diversion streams.

The HOOPP LEAP awards provide Triovest and property management teams with industry recognition for best-in-class sustainability performance. This serves as motivation to continuously improve and identify new opportunities to innovate and enhance the properties under management to create healthy and enjoyable communities.