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Energy Manager


Triovest is one of the largest fully integrated commercial real estate advisory and capital firms in Canada with over $8 billion of assets under management and over $4 billion under development. We believe that the quality of our people directly impacts the quality of our work, therefore we place a high value on attracting and retaining exceptional individuals. Triovest fosters a values based culture and dynamic work environment with opportunities for growth and advancement.

The successful candidate will be expected to consistently conduct themselves in alignment with Triovest Core Values of:


We communicate and work together to offer excellent service to our investors, clients, tenants, colleagues and shareholders to achieve our goals. We don’t let individual roles and responsibilities get in the way of team spirit and collaboration.


We get the job done efficiently and take pride in the quality of the work we produce. We embrace service excellence, agility and innovation to deliver results and create value for our investors, clients, tenants, colleagues and shareholders. We respond to change in a positive way.


We will always do the right thing. We are impeccable with our word and communicate with honesty, respect and courtesy. We operate in an environment of transparency and professionalism.

Own It

We take responsibly for our actions and are willing to be held accountable. We will apply discipline and reason to every decision. We provide those around us with clear and constructive feedback. We learn from our experiences and search for continuous improvement.


Triovest will be recognized as the entrepreneurial leader in institutional real estate driving superior returns by combining local intelligence with deep expertise.


We create sustainable places that enhance communities and enrich relationships.


The Energy Manager role is a newly created full-time role in the Greater Toronto Area. This role will have a principal focus on electricity conservation in Ontario and may also support conservation in other energy-use types (e.g. natural gas, steam, chilled water) and other geographies.


As an Energy Manager, you will be responsible for:

  • Facility Benchmarking – Evaluate historical demand and energy consumption for each managed asset along with additional attributes like but not limited to: location, square footage, typical equipment, hours of operation, weather, and occupancy. This list can be used to identify high performers, as well as less energy-efficient sites for comparison, and identification of energy-saving projects in a prioritized manner.
  • Primary Assessment – Review existing energy-related technical assessments (e.g., energy audits, retrocommissioning assessments) and perform a high-level assessment, which may include a walk-through audit of a representative number of facilities to identify energy-saving opportunities in a prioritized manner, and to identify which systems will require more detailed evaluations.
  • Maintenance and Operating Schedules – Review and provide a description of the control systems, operating schedules, and maintenance practices representative of the Triovest’s typical properties to identify operational savings. Develop maintenance practices and programs to enhance energy efficiency. Examples include but are not limited to: reprogramming controls to shutdown equipment and lighting when not required, developing a checklist to ensure that all shutdown procedures are properly implemented and followed.
  • Energy Saving Opportunities and Action Plan – Identify, assess, prioritize and recommend to senior management energy-saving opportunity projects including both capital improvement projects, operational and maintenance changes, and occupant engagement strategies. This will include the preparation of business cases to justify capital expenditures and the completion of applications to other IESO initiatives and to other agencies to maximize funding available for energy-saving projects. The Energy Manager will also prepare a cost-benefit analysis for each project that is proposed to senior management.
  • Project Implementation and Electrical Energy Savings – Coordinate the implementation of energy-saving projects, including the planning, budgeting, and scheduling for the design, installation, commissioning, and verification of energy efficiency projects, and participate in at least one saveONenergy program. It is expected that a project manager (not the Energy Manager) would be assigned for large capital projects.
  • Measurement and Verification Strategy – Work with Triovest to develop a strategy for the Measurement & Verification of energy-saving projects at a corporate level (i.e. not project level).
  • Energy Management Behaviour and Business Process Improvements – Work to create and foster a sustainable energy management culture at Triovest’s properties and provide an avenue for employees to recognize and report issues and ideas regarding energy conservation and efficiency.
  • Employee Awareness Program – Build upon existing efforts to implement an employee training and awareness program to promote energy conservation and communicate the energy efficiency initiatives undertaken.
  • Assistance to IESO Projects – Coordinate and assist with site inspections by the IESO from time to time of the various measures implemented at the sole discretion of the IESO. Collect relevant information regarding additional electrical energy use (equipment purchases, schedule changes, occupancy changes or construction). The Energy Manager is expected to familiarize himself/herself with and access initiatives under saveONenergy programs and other available relevant resources.
  • Reporting:  Complete Quarterly Reports to IESO and Triovest management


Success as an Energy Manager, calls for a solid professional background that includes:

  • A professional designation either as a certified engineering technician or technologist, Certified Energy Manager, or a licensed professional engineer in the province of Ontario.  If not presently professionally designated as such, the successful candidate must be designated as a Certified Energy Manager within one (1) year of employment start date.
  • A strong background in commercial, institutional or industrial energy use, as applicable, and energy management.
  • Detailed understanding of building systems, building operations, and occupant energy use.
  • Hands-on delivery of energy audit and retrocommissioning assessments; implementation of commercial building energy conservation measures; and measurement of results.
  • Demonstrated ability to work well with internal and external teams to develop shared solutions, build trust and buy-in, and resolve conflicts as necessary.
  • Clear and concise written and verbal communications skills; working-level of written and verbal French is an asset.
  • Proven project management, administrative, and time-management skills.
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills.
  • A dedication to providing exceptional service, every day.
  • The ability to adapt to change in a positive way and deliver successful results within a given time frame.
  • A team-oriented approach to meeting goals and objectives.
  • A willingness to admit mistakes and easily digest constructive feedback, using it as a learning opportunity.
  • The ability to perform with exceptional integrity, always striving to do the right thing and help to create an environment built on trust, honesty and respect.

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